Our Story, About Us, Easy Wind Outfitters™

How it all started

Easy Wind’s journey started back in the early 1980’s. My grandparents had a mountain cabin along the Appalachian Trail near the Pinnacle in Pennsylvania. Before the Appalachian Trail was moved west about ¼ mile, it ran less than 100 feet from the cabin. Many thru hikers enjoyed some ”trail magic” in the form of a hot meal and a draft beer. I would spend a few weeks every summer exploring the trail that was right in the backyard, meeting hikers and drinking from natural springs.

After college, an internship led me to Colorado. Once in Colorado I hiked, mountain biked and snowboarded my way through Summit County. Working as a liftee afforded me the chance to play outside all winter and meet tons of other people with the same enthusiasm for the outdoors.


Upon returning to the East Coast I backpacked a considerable amount of the Virginia section of the AT with a core group of friends that rotated in and out depending on work schedules. We would often decide on a circuit hike on the ride up with the trusty paper map. It was a different time without cellphones and GPS. I have to admit, it would have been nice to have more pictures.

Our Story, About Us, Easy Wind Outfitters™
Our Story, About Us, Easy Wind Outfitters™

Our Story

In the early part of this century I met my wife, Jennifer. She wasn’t really into sleeping on the ground or answering the call of nature in the woods. I eased her in with easy day hikes and short singletrack trails. She quickly grew to love the outdoors as much as me. Our shared love for the outdoors has been passed onto our son. Most weekends you can find us outside, either kayaking, mountain biking, camping or simply exploring the trails.

Easy Wind was created a few years ago as a way to work within the outdoor industry and take more control of our time for the outdoors. We have researched and tested dozens of hosieries and socks to bring you the finest merino wool hiking socks all made right here in the USA. We are putting our best foot forward (literally)!

Hike your world,

Brian & Jennifer