Meet Our ambassadors

Brian Bell

Brian is an adventurer and long distance backpacker. He is also a dog dad, an avid reader, podcast listener and Founder/Lead volunteer at Keep Virginia Cozy!

“I have been feral since 1986 and I’m too old to change my ways. Going through cub scouts all the way through to Eagle Scout definitely instilled a love of wilderness and exploration that I maintain to this day! I used to work in environmental engineering and left to start the non-profit, Keep Virginia Cozy! Since 2017, with the help of amazing volunteers and wonderful communities, we have removed over 77,000 pounds of litter and recycling from our public lands, national forests, and state parks! I’m grateful to be part of the Easy Wind family and look forward to testing those durability limits!”


Jennifer Browndorf

“I am a married mother of two adult children. I live in and love the diverse natural regions of North Carolina. I am a retired NC public school teacher and now work for the NC State Parks as an environmental educator. I am a hiker, a self-taught backyard birder, an all things outdoor lover, and a pretty good trail runner. I spend my free time with my dog walking and hiking, meeting up with friends for day hikes, bike rides or pints, learning new stuff, planning and taking local trips with my husband, and reading. I enjoy volunteering for the Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail as a trail maintainer and steward. I am a lifelong  learner that just can’t stop trying out new hobbies like watercolor painting, dehydrating food, and video creation. I am grateful for the full life and rich opportunities that have come my way.”